We miss you, Tata (Mandela)

We miss you, Tata (Mandela)

I originally created “We miss you, Tata” for Mandela month. During this process, I was overcome with emotion for the lost father of our rainbow nation and for the state our government is in. Sometimes I feel like our current leader is trying to mock the legacy Madiba left behind. I cried because all of his hard work; humbling himself by shaking hands with his enemy for the sake of our beautiful nation, and all the personal sacrifices he had to endure; seems to be for naught.

There is still hope, there always is. We need to stand together, as one nation; not a nation divided. We need to honour Tata Madiba’s legacy, by following his example.

This painting will be on auction at Generations School on 11 August 2017.

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We miss you, Tata (portrait of Mandela)

We miss you, Tata

Acrylic on watercolour paper

290 x 335 mm

July 2017

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