I painted this portrait of my beautiful daughter, Keira, so that I may have a lasting memory of her as she is now. A toddler. A girl. A chatterbox. Stubborn. Playful. Brutally honest.  Kind. Loving. Real.

Words can not express the love I have for this little girl, and also how frustrating it can be to be a mother of a toddler. Parenting is a fine balancing act between the deepest, unconditional love one can ever imagine, and trying not to hurt your child in the attempt of raising a descent human being.

If you would like to own a hand crafted portrait that will last you a lifetime; contact me.

Keira, my heart | Keira, my hart se punt

Keira, my heart | Keira, my hart se punt

Acrylic on canvas board

46 x 61 cm (18″x 24″)

November 2016

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