Puppy Love Pencil Portrait

Puppy Love is a toddler portrait, done in pencils, laced with ambiguity. Besides the obvious, adorable puppies being given a big hug by the toddler in this portrait, the person in the portrait also has a significant meaning for me (read more below).

Commission your own puppy love portrait (furry or human) or buy this one.

Puppy Love - pencil toddler drawing

Puppy Love

Pencil Drawing

29 x 51 cm

November 2016

For sale, please contact me if you are interested.

The other side of the furry animal

I knew the person in this portrait as a young adult, never as a toddler. We were young and in love, or at least we thought we were. Compared to the love I share with my husband; this was an immature, shallow attachment. It was defined more by the physical characteristics of a relationship and the unpracticed, inexperienced aspects of an obsessive infatuation. Needless to say; expectations were shattered, ideas of love were expanded and hearts were broken.

In spite of the hurts most people experience with such a shallow romantic attachment, it still adds value to to one’s life. It is an experience, and every experience shapes you to be who you are today.

Whether you want a portrait of your beloved pet or an adolescent crush. Contact me if you want to commission a portrait of a loved one.

Puppy love and language

Read the definition of puppy love here.


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