Miniature paintings

We miss you, Tata (Mandela)

Painting of a Persian Tortoiseshell Cat,...

Beach Scene Painting: Dis Lekker by die ...

White Egret Orchid Flower – series...

South African Strelitzia Flowers


Art by Michelle Siepker

This is a collection of old and new art. My older work has a bit more of a contemporary feel, but right now I am enjoying working in traditional themes and media.

Commission Family Portraits for the holidays

Get a gift that will last for a lifetime. Owning an artwork of your loved ones is meaningful and lasts a lifetime. Even when your loved ones have moved on, you will have something to remember them by. Commission family portraits to always have your loved ones close to you. Of all the subject-matters I have chosen, drawing people remains a firm favourite. I build a relationship with the artwork, and when I part with it, it is like saying goodbye to an old friend. That is because I put my ...

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